Mari movies are all in the Quicktime 5 format and you need the Quicktime plugin to view them. All the movies as of July 1999 are shot on a Sony Digital 8 camcorder and edited on a Apple G4.
July 1, 1997 Mari has a big 6 month birthday cake and she's videotaped digging in!

July 2, 1997 Mari plays ball with Shanise!

July 5, 1997 Mari rolls around the living room and she pushes herself forward while trying to crawl.

August 1998 Mari says bye!

August 1998 Mari asks me to call her.

September 1998 Mari calls + finds nobody home.

November 1998 Mari talks about her carrots.

November 1998 Mari asks where daddy go...

July 3, 1999 Mari does a high jump , walks the balance beam, and tests out the trampoline at UCSD gymnastics!

July 3, 1999 Mari goes triking & swings!

July 3, 1999 Mari tests out the train ride at UTC.

August 20, 1999 Mari goes on the Kiddy Pult, riding, & gold panning at Legoland!

October 29, 1999 Mari is a fairy!

October 31, 1999 Mari goes trick or treating and flies!

November 27, 1999 Mari does a show!

December 4, 1999 Mari goes to driving school, plays with sharks, poses with daddy, + meets Santa!

December 17, 1999 Mari wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and has a cookie!

December 25, 1999 Mari opens her Christmas presents!

December 31, 1999 Mari turns 3! She plays pin the tail on the donkey + musical chairs!

January 29, 2000 Mari plays Waverunner with dad.

February 5, 2000 Mari practices on the balance beam and does a flip.

February 26, 2000 Mari blows bubbles with Jim + Heather.

April 15, 2000 Mari rides a llama, goes jumping, and does at dance at UCSD!

April 22, 2000 Mari sees a magic show and hunts Easter Eggs in Kearny Mesa!

May 19, 2000 Mari goes to The San Diego Zoo! She feeds chicks, goats, + plays with a turtle!

June 2, 2000 Mari slides and parties at Tahaj's birthday!

July 22, 2000 Mari meets Bart Simpson + Spiderman at San Diego Comic Con! Afterwards she does makes a paper star, dive + goes swimming! Before bed she goes flying!

August 26, 2000 Mari can swim across the pool!

September 9, 2000 Mari works on her watercolors!

September 22, 2000 Mari works on a sand castle!

October 7, 2000 Mari feeds ducks at Miramar Lake.

October 20, 2000 Mari goes to Oceanside Harbor and tries out the horse and merry go round.

October 29, 2000 Mari learns pumpkin carving with Lori!

October 31, 2000 Mari dresses up as a flower garden!

November 18, 2000 Mari gets her first bike!

December 12, 2000 Mari sings her abc's by the Christmas tree!

December 13, 2000 Mari dances to the Lion King, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and Let it Snow at her preschool!

December 26, 2000 Mari opens her Christmas presents!

December 31, 2000 Mari turns 4 today! She makes a birthday wish and opens her presents!

March 15, 2001 Mari balances, does flips, and plays parachute at Funastics class!

March 17, 2001 Mari plays her Goofy game.

April 14, 2001 Mari finds Easter eggs at Henry's and feeds the animals at Circus Vargas!

April 15, 2001 Mari finds Easter eggs in the living room and backyard with Jakey.

May 5, 2001 Mari goes to Escondido for a boffer tournament! She rolls downhill, practices with a guy and a girl, and fights in round 1 and round 2.

May 11, 2001 Mari gets wet and explores Sea World!

May 12, 2001 Mari goes to Legoland and tries driving, and flying before she is locked up! Later she she is silly! She also drives a train and fights Darth Vader!

July 7, 2001 Mari plays in the water and builds a sand castle with Chris at La Jolla Shores!

July 21, 2001 Mari makes a new friend at the pool and gets a surfing lesson!! She also dives and goes after her goggles!

July 22, 2001 Mari goes to Comic-con! She's 41" and 39lbs now!

August 25, 2001 Mari learns to boogie board at La Jolla Shores! She gets bopped, paddles a surfboard, and does her strokes at swim class.

September 1, 2001 Mari goes to Potero for boffer tournament! She learns from a blacksmith and practices her sword skills!

October 18, 2001 Mari is Good Citizen of the Month at kindergarden and she celebrates!

October 20, 2001 Mari decorates a pumpkin, rides the lead llama and the rear guard llama, plays the numbers game, and ring toss at the UCSD open house.

October 27, 2001 Mari goes to Brick or Treat at Legoland! She pans for gold there!

October 31, 2001 Mari dresses as Tinker Bell! She trick or treats and finds a scary house!

December 1, 2001 Mari celebrates her birthday at Benihana's! She watches her fried rice cook in front of her, a volcano of onions smoke, and chomps on corn. She also blows out her candle, opens her presents, and hugs her mommy.

December 8, 2001 Mari goes to Christmas on the Prado at Balboa Park! She spins with Chris gets real dizzy, swings, and they build a sand castle.

December 21, 2001 Mari dances to Frosty the Snowman.

January 4, 2002 Mari attends funeral service for her grandpa.

January 19, 2002 Mari marches in the Martin Luther King parade with the Daisy Scouts and blows bubbles afterwards.

March 16, 2002 Mari earns a new Daisy Scout patch!

March 31, 2002 Mari hunts Easter eggs!

April 14, 2002 Mari goes bowling with the Daisy Scouts! She films mom and dad bowling too!

May 11, 2002 Mari practices her front stroke, backstroke, and rests in the hot tub after swim class!

June 10, 2002 Mari has a dress rehersal for her dance recital! She waits for her turn on stage.

June 12, 2002 Mari attends her Rites of Passage Ceremony from kindergarden! First is theFlag Salute/National Anthem/Black National Anthem then the Presentation of Diplomas and the kids sing"The World's Greatest" at the end!

June 15, 2002 Mari performs "Everybody Loves to Cha Cha" at the Casa Del Prado Theatre!

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